1. Will Brand and Willow get back together?
Ever since the end of Book 2, this is my #1 question from readers, and the answer is ...
c’mon, you really don’t want me to answer that, do you?

2. When will Book 3 in The Divided Realms series be out?
I know my readers have been waiting a very long time for this third book, and I was
really hoping that it would be out for fall 2011. But there is a lot of revision work
involved with the third book, as it is being split into two books because of its con-
siderable length. My new publisher and I have decided it’s best not to rush the work
that needs to be done, and have now set Book 3’s release date for spring 2012
(providing, of course, there’s no world-wide apocalypse between now and then).

3. Why do you have a new publisher and new names and covers for your books?
Shortly after I finished the manuscript for Book 3 (formerly The Princess Heir), my then
publisher, Sumach Press, sold to another publisher, and that publisher decided they
weren’t interested in continuing my series and declined the manuscript. When this
happened, I was then free to try and find a new publisher, but it took me over a year
to find one, which is why there has been such a long delay between books. My new
publisher, though,
Lobster Press, is very keen on the series and even wants me to
write more books in it. But because there has been such a long wait between books,
Lobster Press felt it was perhaps the right time to rebrand the series with a new look.
Hence, the new covers and titles (which I LOVE!).